Integrated Research Center
for Carbon Negative ScienceInstitute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University
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On our planet, carbon dioxide is used as a carbon currency through the carbon cycle system of living organisms. Until now, the balance between emissions and absorption of this currency, carbon dioxide, has been maintained. But rapid human activity since the Industrial Revolution has led to an imbalance between emissions and absorption of carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide mission has become excessive. To return to a balanced state, i.e., carbon neutrality by 2050, it will be difficult to achieve with “Zero Emission” technology alone, as they are usually referred to. It is necessary to create a new energy system by introducing more aggressive carbon dioxide fixation processes. The Integrated Research Center for Carbon Negative Science will work to develop such new carbon dioxide fixation technologies. In collaboration with the Graduate School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Energy Science at Kyoto University, the Center will also work on human resource development for “carbon negative energy”, which is relatively new at this point in time.
Since the center has just started its journey, we would like to ask for the cooperation and support of all those who are interested in this project.

Center Director, Prof. Kazunari MATSUDA